Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jingle Bell Run 2011

God and I did it! I finished my second 5K race two weeks ago! I ran my first race in 39:10, a personal record at the time. In training since then I got my time down to 37:59. In the Jingle Bell Run I did it in 35:56! Praise God! I shaved 3:14 off my time in just two months!

Thank you, Melisa, for running this race and my first one with me! You keep me focused and running fast. When I'm by myself I tend to settle into a slower pace and only pull myself out of it reluctantly.

Thank you, Tori, for your interest in running and your encouragement to me.

Here are some (lots) of pictures from that night.

Me before the race in the T-shirt Kendall gave me back in July. I wrote scriptures that inspire me on it.

Me, my cousin Vikki (not my cousin Vinny!), and Tori after we got our goodie bags and glow necklaces.

Start and Finish Line

Some of the Calvary Chapel Running Team just before the start.

Terry, Melisa, Me, and Tori

This is a very popular, fun race so it was quite crowded.  We were barely moving at first but after about half a mile it thinned out.  We were wearing glow bracelets, too, but you can't see them under our long sleeves.  It was so cold that night!  Temperature was probably in the 50s, it was very windy, and we were on the Pier so the wind was whipping off the water and making us even colder.  It didn't keep us from sweating, though! 

Tori left Melisa and me after about the 3/4-mile mark.  Go Tori!  She's younger and can run faster than I can, and I  had already told her to go and run her best race even if she had to leave us behind.  She ran it in 30 minutes even!  Woohoo!  Congratulations!

Melisa and I kept running and having fun.  We talked about Jesus like we do on all our runs! 

As we neared the end, I started getting tired like I usually do.  Melisa kept encouraging me not to give up.  She even pushed me to run faster!  I love the race atmosphere!  Especially the end.  My body is so tired but seeing people cheering for me, especially people I know, gives me energy to finish well. 

Melisa and me at the finish line.  Tori's clapping for us. 

Here's a video of us crossing the finish line.  If it won't play, you can go to my Facebook profile and look under my videos for it.

And recovering after the race!  The red faces are from wind and our own effort.  We earned them and we wear them proudly!

I'm now training for the Gasparilla 5K on March 3.  After that, I'll take some time to re-evaluate and see if I want to continue doing 5Ks or if I want to go for longer distances.  I don't always enjoy the process of running, but I do enjoy what God's teaching me through it.  

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Second Race!

My second 5K race is in less than 3 days!  I'm excited!  My plan was to run this morning, rest tomorrow, rest Wednesday morning, and run Wednesday night.  I had pain in my right ankle, though, which is the ankle I've sprained, broken, and have swelling in, so I thought it best to finish the loop I was on by walking and not do any more running and only necessary walking until the race.  It's not worth injuring my ankle again just to have one more day of training.  I know I can do this distance; I do it five times a week and have done so for many months! 

I'd love to see you at the Jingle Bell Run

You don't have to register.  You can just show up and walk or run, but you won't get a Tshirt or a goodie bag.  I hear this is a very crowded run, and that it's more of a social occasion than a serious race.  That's okay.  I'm treating it as a serious run, but I know there will be walkers, strollers, and dogs to contend with. 

I'd love to see you on the sidelines too, if running or walking isn't your thing.