Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Did it anyway!

My last post was about doing what I've set my mind to do whether I feel like it or not.  This week is walk, walk, jog +80 steps.  Several times this morning I didn't want to continue.  I wanted to either just go home or at least slow down to a walk.  There was no reason to do that, though.  None at all.  A long time ago I made it a personal rule when I think I can't jog the next section to at least start it.  If after starting to jog it I see that I can't continue, THEN I can walk it, but I have to at least try.  There may have been one time many months ago that I started jogging a section and had to stop.  Every other time I actually forget that I was thinking that and I just do it.  Nike was onto something when they made that their slogan!  Just do it!

So you don't think you can?  Just do it.
It's too hard?  Just do it. 
It's not worth it?  Yes it is.  Just do it.


I did it and I'm glad.  : )  

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