Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I don't need easy. I just need possible.

I took Brianne and her friend to see Soul Surfer the other night after prom.  Midnight showing.  Seeing it any other time of day (like in the afternoon when it's cheaper) would've been fine.  Anyway...time aside, I highly recommend the movie.  It's based on events in the life of Bethany Hamilton, a pro surfer in Hawaii.  In an interview she said the movie is very accurate and not much was changed to make it more marketable to Hollywood.  Bethany had her left arm bitten off by a shark and came back to compete again after wrestling with questions like, "Why, God?"

"It won't be easy," she's told, to get back up on that board and compete without the strength and balance of one of her arms.

"I don't need easy," she responds. "I just need possible."

That's my new saying.  Jogging isn't easy and the excitement of having a new goal has worn off.  Now the drudgery has set in.  Maybe writing Bible verses and lines like Bethany's on a T-shirt like I planned to do will help.  I have the shirt, I just haven't gotten around to doing it.

I don't need easy.  I just need possible.

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