Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Emotional Eating?

Tortilla chips came as a side with the soft tacos I had for supper.  I ate a few along with my meal but then got full so I brought the rest home.  I thought I was hungry again a couple hours later, so I started munching them as I checked email, Facebook, and Pinterest.  As I was wrapping that up I realized I was thinking, “Okay, take several of the broken ones so you can get a good mouthful before you start working.” 

That, my friends, is emotional eating. 

That’s not eating to satisfy hunger or to fuel my body. 

I used to say that I didn’t eat emotionally, and I still don’t think I eat in response to anger or sadness or anything like that.  Boredom, yes, or at least used to, but is boredom an emotion?  It might be a stretch to say it is.  I don’t know what emotion I was feeling when I had the above thought, but I know I didn’t NEED those tortilla chips.  I closed the box and put it in the kitchen.  Maybe I’ll have them tomorrow if they’re not stale and if I’m hungry. 

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