Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Spirit Is Willing But The Flesh Is Weak

My spirit was certainly willing to walk more than 20 minutes today.  It told me that 20 minutes was hardly worth the time it took to get my niece’s stroller out of the trunk, get her car seat put into it, get her diaper bag and my water, smoothie, keys, and phone gathered, and get going.  We’d hardly begun when it was time to turn around and go back.  It told me I was capable of going farther and longer. 

Yes, I am capable of going farther and longer.  Wouldn't you want to on a beautiful trail like this?

I walked for about 70 minutes on Tuesday.  I sure paid for it later Tuesday and Wednesday, though.  I was in pain and my knee was stiff and thick. 

My flesh reminded me of that and said it wasn’t worth it.  In this instance, 20 minutes was long enough.  Tomorrow I plan to walk another 20 minutes and use the fitness equipment at Freedom Lake Park. 

On the advice of my friend and trainer, Brandice at, I’ve doubled up on the fish oil I was only sporadically taking.  Fish oil is good for inflammation. 

Some might say I’m being pruned, but I feel like I’m being cut all the way down to the point that I’m level with the ground.  I’ve been reduced to WALKING for only 20 MINUTES?!  I used to RUN 3.1 miles in 35-40 minutes FIVE DAYS A WEEK!!!  What’s with this new routine??? 

Oh.  There’s pride rearing its ugly head.  Selfish indulgence has been dealt with and only occasionally is an issue.  Now it’s pride’s turn to be conquered. 

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