Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It’s hot here in Florida, but technically it’s still springtime.  Not even summer yet.  It doesn’t matter what the calendar says, though, the heat says it’s summertime. 

We run the air conditioner pretty much all the time now.  About a week ago we had to start running it at night.  It struck me the other day that God hasn’t changed the climate in Florida or anywhere.  It’s always been hot here in the summer.  He did give someone the brains and talent to invent air conditioning, though, so now we have a way of being comfortable inside even when it’s hot and humid outside.  He didn’t take the heat away, He just gave us an escape from it.  He doesn’t always take our cravings away, either.  He just gives us an escape from them.  Himself.  When I desire God more than I desire whatever I crave at the moment, He gives me an escape from it. 

The next beach run is Friday night June 22.  I’m going to do it!  At the last one I ran 7 minutes and walked 2.  This week I’m up to running 9 minutes and walking 2, so next week will be running 10 minutes and walking 2.  That means my time should be a lot better than 44:52. 

I found out about a midnight run on July 3.  The 5K starts at 11:25 p.m. and there’s a full moon that night.  Sounds fun!  I’m going to do that one too.

I just made a connection.  All my life I’ve had oily skin and oily hair.  In the last couple years both have started to get drier.  Now that could be just due to age, or it could be due to the fact that I’m not eating fast food several times a week (or day).  Or it could be a combination of both.  Regardless, it showed me how far-reaching what and how much I eat is.  It doesn’t affect just my stomach and waistline. 

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