Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 20 - Friday and Saturday

Up 0.8 pounds from yesterday, down 15.2 pounds from the beginning, and down 91.2 pounds from my heaviest weight.  The gain from yesterday is to be expected since I’ve started eating solid food again.  Your digestive tract can hold 5-7 pounds of food, so a little gain is normal. 

I just did 1.2 miles, walking for 3-4 minutes and jogging for 1-1/2. 

I like the salad I made! 


First day off the fast.  I met with my trainer this morning at We came up with a weekly schedule for me that incorporates more stretching and strength training than I’ve been doing.  I’ve been running 5 days a week and doing boot camp one day a week.  I’m on my church’s running team and we had a clinic this morning to learn some pre and post run exercises, proper technique, nutrition, etc.  We all went to lunch at Panera afterward and I got You Pick Two.  I ordered a small bowl of Sonoma Chicken Stew and half of a Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich.  I had eaten all the stew and a little more than half the sandwich when I realized I was full.  Boom!  Just like that!  It wasn’t enough to take home for later.  I knew that if I kept it in front of me I’d nibble at it and there was no need to do that.  I got up and threw it away.  Yes, I threw away perfectly good food.  Better to have it go to waste than have it go to waist.  J

Since a few days after I started this fast I’ve known that I wanted BBQ when I was done.  I got it for supper today! 

Mmmmmmmm!!!  I ate half the ribs and less than half of the pulled pork and brisket.  I picked at the roll but it was made from white flour and offered me nothing.  My meal came with 4 mini sides.  Brisket chili - L.  Potato salad - K.  Coleslaw - K.  Mac & cheese - K.  I gave them to my mom and dad.  Oh!  Instead of sweet tea, which I used to say I bled, I got half sweet and half unsweet.  Perfect! 

I love being in control of my taste buds instead of them being in control of me!

One of my purposes for doing this fast was to rein in my flesh.  Praise God!  With His help I'm doing that! 

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