Saturday, July 13, 2013


101 pounds.  101 pounds of ugly, selfish fat is gone from my body.  Let’s just call it 100, though, okay?  It’s a nice, round number that contrasts well with my not-round self.  :-)  I hit that number Thursday morning, June 27, 2013.  I had been weighing daily (and even a couple times a day) for a week or so because I didn’t want 100 to pass me by.  There’s a reason health experts recommend not weighing daily.  It can drive you crazy!  Body weight can fluctuate a few pounds a day just with normal living and according to the time of day.  I experienced that craziness and have been happy to put the scale back in the closet and bring it out just once a week again. 

Here are some pics of me before, during, and after my weight loss:


2006 to 2011 





Do you notice that for the most part the more recent pictures show that some type of action is taking place, is about to take place, or just finished taking place?  In the earlier pictures I was just standing there. 

In the pictures above you can see what 100 pounds less looks like, but here are some pictures of people who weigh100 pounds. 


It's like I used to carry one of these women around with me all the time.  I can't get my mind wrapped around that fact.  There was so much extra weight on my body that I was carrying around a whole other person.  I just...I just...that's crazy. 

This is my friend's son.  I had lost about 65 pounds at this point and he weighed 65 pounds, so I had him jump on my back and I couldn't stand up straight.  I know the extra weight wasn't all on my back, but still...

Why has it taken me more than two weeks to get this blog post up?  Well, for one thing, I’ve been gathering these pictures from my Facebook, my daughter’s Facebook, and my physical scrapbooks.  It takes time to find the right pictures, take pictures of the pictures, upload them to my computer, sort them, etc.  I still have to work, too.  Another reason is that I was quite surprised by my lack of enthusiasm when I hit 100 pounds.  When I saw the scale register 101 pounds lost I cried, but it was more just a half sob and then it was over.  My voice choked when I told my daughter and all I could manage to say was, “100.”  I called a couple people and simply said, “100 pounds.”  I texted lots of people and was more expressive in my texts, probably because my strength has always been more in written words than spoken.  I changed my Facebook profile to confetti and balloons with 100 on them.  I let some of the private Facebook groups I’m in know, the ones that deal with weight loss/healthiness.  Mostly, though, life has gone on just the same as it did before.  I still work.  My daughter is still doing schoolwork.  I still take care of my chickens and collect their eggs.  There are still church activities and extended-family activities.  I was happy to see that number on the scale, but the world didn’t stop.  I think this is where people get disillusioned with life.  Big events that we think will make us so happy forever and never sad again come and go and not a lot changes.  I wonder why we think life should always be exciting.  Sometimes it is and sometimes it just isn’t. 

I still follow the eating plan I have for the past 4-1/2 years that focuses on controlling my flesh, not controlling the food.  Over time, though, I've lost my taste for the junk and my body just naturally wants more healthful food.  I have lost weight while following that plan and sometimes gained weight while following that plan.  I have lost while straying from that plan and I have gained while straying from that plan.  That tells me that I can’t boast that *I* accomplished this weight loss.  It also tells me I can’t be too harsh on myself for any gains.  God is the One who has accomplished it and continues to accomplish it.  
I have no intention of stopping losing weight.  I’ll keep honoring God with why I put food into my body, how much I put in, what I put in, and moving it.  When I’m consistently doing that and my weight stays the same, I’ll know I’m at my ideal weight. 


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